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Ways to pay

Whether you are an occasional or regular user, there are 4 different ways to pay for your toll in free flow on the A79.

How to pay your toll ?

4 ways to pay

The electronic toll badge

The simplest solution to pay your toll

The simplest solution to pay your toll

The simplest solution !

If you are already equipped with an electronic toll badge, it will be automatically detected each time you pass through the gates, regardless of your supplier. Ride with peace of mind, you don't have to do anything, your journeys are automatically paid for.

The advantages of electronic toll badge:

  • Automatic detection of your badge each time you pass on free-flow motorways
  • No risk of late payment
  • Badge compatible with all motorways in France
  • Monthly billing

You are not equipped with a badge yet ?

Discover the ALIAÉ A79 electronic toll offer and benefit from up to 60% discount on your trips on the A79.
Find out more about the electronic toll offer

The plate registration

To drive with complete peace of mind, you register your license plate number and your bank details only once. Your license plate will thus be detected on each trip.

You can travel freely without thinking about paying for your journeys: they are paid by direct debit each week. Plate registration is only valid on the A79.

The advantages of plate registration :

  • No risk of late payment
  • Weekly billing
  • Commitment-free

To discover our plate registration offer, go here.


The payment website

Not yet equipped with an electronic toll badge and you have not registered your license plate? Don't panic, you have up to 72 hours after your trip to go to the payment website. By entering your license plate number, you can pay online.


Please note, if you do not pay for your trip within 72 hours, a fixed compensation of €90 will be added to the amount of the toll (articles 529-6 and R49-8-4-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure). Beyond 60 days without payment, you will receive a fixed fine increased to 375€.

To avoid any payment delay, we invite you to pre-pay for your trip before travelling on the A79 or register your email address on the www.aliae.com website to receive a notification as soon as a trip is payable.

The payment machine

On the A79 motorway rest and service areas, payment machines are available to you. You must pay for your journey within 72 hours AFTER your passage on the A79.
Take advantage of a break to pay for your trip in cash, by debit card or private card. To find out where the payment machines are on the A79, click here