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The A79 motorway

The A79 is the motorway section between Sazeret (Allier) and Digoin (Saône-et-Loire). It crosses the Allier from east to west, on a strategic cross-country axis linking the French Atlantic seafront to Germany, Switzerland and Italy via the center of France.

This former RN79 was a congested and particularly dangerous major road link. The first challenge of the A79 project was therefore to make it safe. The project to upgrade 2x2 lanes to motorway standards was actually declared of public utility by ministerial decree, sending a strong message of "Priority to safety".

More about the A79

Provide for the territory

The A79 is a new generation motorway between Sazeret and Digoin. This motorway offers a free-flow toll system. 6 gates over 88 kilometres make it possible to identify the license plate and type of vehicle and thus automatically create an invoice.

Practically, how does it work ?

Several payment solutions exist to pay for your trip on the A79, whether you take the A79 occasionally or regularly, and whether you prefer to pay automatically or for each trip.